Papachristos Wins At Greek Nationals Rd1

by Rc Fanatix

The first round of the Greek Nationals Touring Modified was held at Fanatix Racing track. Pole position was earned by ex-Greek champion Doukakis with just seven tenths difference from Papachristos. Three seconds behind was 2016 Greek champion Isaakidis and just four tenths behind was Ioannidis.

In leg 1 Doukakis was passed by Papachristos in the first lap who created a big gap over Doukakis. Ioannidis finished in third. In leg 2 Papachristos span out in the first lap and opened the door to Isaakidis and Ioannidis. With Doukakis in front there was a great battle between Isaakidis and Ioannidis. After Ioannidis had passed him it was a three-drivers fight where the young driver passed Doukakis in the ending laps taking the win in leg 2 with Doukakis second and Isaakidis third. Leg 3 was the decider of the race as the first four drivers could take the win. Ioannidis was hit from the back in the first corner, so he was out of contention as he dropped back in ninth position but made a good comeback run and finished fourth. Doukakis had a problem with his diff and finished fifth so it was Papachristos who took the win securing P1 overall with Isaakidis finishing second and securing P4 overall.



Xray XB2 35g stainless steel battery weight

by Rc Fanatix

Coming from Xray is a 35g stainless steel battery weight for the XB2, XT2, and XB4 range of vehicles. The weight was developed for the use with lightweight standard or low-profile shorty LiPo battery packs as it ups the vehicle’s overall weight for improved handling, better landing and an easier to drive car. The weight places underneath the battery, it comes laser-etched for easy identification and is available now.



Optional extreme heat resistant center diff pins with inserts for XRAY XB8 and XT8

by Rc Fanatix

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#355083 Extreme Heat Resistant Center Diff Pin with Inserts (2+4)

Precision-ground polished steel pin 3.5 x 33 mm for internal satellite gears used in large center differential #355013. Mounted in steel inserts instead of directly mounted in differential case increases the lifetime, especially in high temperatures. Set of 2.

  • Increases lifetime
  • For extreme heat conditions
  • Smoother run
  • Precision ground
  • Steel insert

Xray XB8 composite rear mud guards

by Rc Fanatix


Coming from Xray and made for the XB8 off-road buggy are rear composite mud protectors. The guards keep way moisture, dirt and mud from the rear driveshafts and lower arms and they are usable on the short or long specification rear A-arms of the XB8, XB808, XB9 and GTX cars. The protectors are made from high-quality composite material and they come as pairs, including one left and one right protector.

Protoform TS18 1/10th touring car wing

by Rc Fanatix

Protoform have introduced the TS18 rear wing for 1/19th 190mm touring car body shells. The wing takes its design from the Type-S race body, but adds extra thickness. The medium weight polycarbonate provides a neutral feeling for 190mm touring cars, great for almost any track surface. Conveniently pre-cut, the TS18 also includes pre-cut 40mm x 20mm endplates, double-sided tape, and mounting hardware.



Xray XB2 Dirt rear suspension conversion set

by Rc Fanatix

Xray have introduced the Dirt rear suspension conversion set for the XB2’18 Carpet spec buggy. The kit includes hard, wide rear XB4 suspension arms, medium composite rear hubs, a suitable RR suspension mount, +2.25mm wheel hex adapters, 71mm driveshaft dogbones, as well as a ball differential along the needed small parts and mounting hardware to convert the rear end of the Carpet specification car into a dirt shredding machine as it was used by the Xray factory team and Ty Tessmann at the recent Reedy Race of Champions. Using the set will improve rear traction and stability for somewhat lower grip dirt tracks.



Hudy Professional Multi Tool

by Rc Fanatix

Hudy have introduced their new Professional Multi Tool, functional pliers for a multitude of applications. The tool is machined from 7075 aluminium and it incorporates 2-3mm and 3-4mm shock shaft holders, 1/8th and 1/10th shock body holders, a universal 5mm holder, soldering jig holes for 4mm and 5mm bullet-type connectors, as well as removable small and large pins to hold pivot balls during assembly or disassembly. Also incorporated is an engine sleeve holder. The tool is usable for 1/5th to 1/28th scale cars as well as boats, drones, planes and many more and it comes black hard-anodised and with white Hudy graphics.




Protoform F26 formula body shell – Teaser

by Rc Fanatix

Protoform have released a first teaser image of their forthcoming F26 1/10th formula body shell. Sporting an unusual front nose design that reminds of the 2004 Williams FW26, the body will for sure be a much welcomed addition to the current breed of formula lids. No word on a release date yet but we bring you more information as soon as they surface.



2018 The Dirt Nitro Challenge – Report

by Rc Fanatix

Every year, the best nitro 1/8th scale racers make the trip to the Fear Farm to participate in the biggest 1/8th scale race in the world, The Dirt Nitro Challenge. With over 750 entries for just the 1/8th scale side of the event, the best of the best battle it out over five intense days to set up for the exciting 45-minute A-main events in Nitro Truggy and Buggy and a single 10-minute thriller in E-Buggy. With so many cars on the track plus the hot, dry Phoenix Arizona sun beating on the track for the majority of the day, it’s hard to keep the track consistent and smooth for the entire event. Knowing that beforehand, Joey Christensen and The Dirt crew leave the track as is creating a track surface that evolves and gets more challenging as the event goes deeper into the program. This year, the layout was fantastic. Many racers of all skill level praised the layout for its wonderful flow and challenging obstacles that seamlessly intertwined into the next. Mix in the changing track conditions, getting around at full speed was not easy by any means – hence the name The Dirt Nitro Challenge and why the race is so popular among racers.

Pro Truggy was a fairytale weekend for the newly announced Team Associated RC8T3.1 as both Ryan Cavalieri and Spencer Rivkin were able to put it on the podium going 1st and 2nd with amazing drives by AE’s top two aces. Unfortunately for Mugen’s Ryan Maifield, a collision exiting pit lane caused Maifield to drop nearly ten seconds to the leaders that he wasn’t able to get back on the track. Towards the end of the race, one could feel that Ryan Cavalieri only got stronger as the race went closer to the 45-minute mark and by the end, won with 14 seconds in his pocket. Spencer Rivkin went on to finish 2nd and Maifield retained the 3rd spot on the podium.

In Pro E-Buggy it was a perfect weekend for the reigning Pro E-Buggy champion, Mugen’s Ryan Maifield, as he was able to take the TQ and win to repeat his efforts from last year. Ryan was able to build a gap from his competition early in the race giving him the luxury to race at his own pace. Ryan was able to finish the intense 10 minutes with over a 3-second cushion to Tekno’s Joe Bornhorst. Mugen’s Robert Battle put on a late race charge to challenge Bornhorst for 2nd, but came just short and .9 seconds back to finish in 3rd.

Perhaps one of the greatest 1/8th Pro Nitro Buggy races of all time, the 45-minute buggy main had it all. From multiple lead changes, pit stop strategies, exciting wheel to wheel racing with clean passes, crashes, and exhilarating racing until the final corner, the main event had it all. Check out the video below to catch all the action as words wouldn’t do it justice. Congratulations to HB Racing’s David Ronnefalk on his amazing performance that nearly matched his World Championship win in Vegas nearly two years ago. Mugen’s Robert Battle nearly pulled off an amazing comeback win, but fell just short and finished 2nd. Xray’s Ty Tessman also drove a fantastic race mixing it up until the very end to finish 3rd overall.

Expert Nitro Buggy saw a gutsy performance from Finland’s rising star, Max Mort. Having earned the TQ, the pressure was on especially after an early mistake by the JQRacing driver dropping him back to 4th. Unshaken, Max kept his cool and started to work his way back towards the front delivering consistent fast laps. Eventually, Max retook the lead and the rest was history. Crossing the line to take the win, Max was cheered on by his teammates on a job well done. HB Racing’s young gun, Camden Lime put in a great drive to finish 2nd along with his teammate Cole Jenson, to finish 3rd.

Serpent’s Paul Ciccarello would once again make the podium in another fantastic race, but this time in the 40+ Nitro class. Paul is always a threat in the 40+ classes and was able to take the win by over eleven seconds by the end of a hard-fought 30-minute main. HB Racing’s Brian Givens went on to finish 2nd and TLR’s Don Vinkemulder 3rd on the podium.

Jimbo Kvidera delivered when he needed it most with a fantastic win in the 40+ Truggy class by over 40+ seconds. Great job by Jimbo on taking the win with Jose Alvarado placing 2nd and RD, Kenny Brosh, 3rd on the podium.

It was a 2-car battle for the win in the 40+ E-Buggy class with Serpent’s Paul Ciccarello and Mugen’s Casey Peck. The two would dice it out for the lead early in the 10-minute race, but by the halfway point, Paul would take over and hold onto the lead by the narrowest of margins. It was a crazy close finish with Paul crossing the line in 1st by just .6 seconds over Peck. TLR’s Lance Hubbard finished 3rd overall.



Xray Racing Series Greece Rd2 – Report

by Rc Fanatix

Round 2 of the Xray Racing Series Greece was held recently at the Fanatix Racing Track and in Touring Modified it was Papachristos who took the pole position with some swift lap times. In leg 1 of the A-mains Papachristos took the win by just two tenths over Ioannidis. In leg 2 he won again with a 5 second gap over Nikolakopoulos while Ioannidis suffered from worn belt and a DNF. Finally in leg 3, Ioannidis passed Papachristos after a mistake the latter made and he lapped everybody finishing 1st in the last leg for the overall runner-up spot with Nikolakopoulos finishing 3rd, securing P3 overall.


Touring Modified top 5 results:
1. Papachristos – Xray
2. Ioannidis – Xray
3. Nikolakopoulos – Xray
4. Gavrilidis – Xray
5. Molinas – Xray

In the Touring Stock category it was Ioannidis who set the pace from early on. In qualifying he shattered his own track record by six tenths thus taking the pole position. In leg 1 and leg 2 Ioannidis set the pace and won both legs. Meanwhile, there was a battle between Papadopoulos and Konstatopoulos in all the legs with Papadopoulos finally taking P2 and Konstatopoulos P3 overall.

Touring Stock top 5 results:
1. Ioannidis – Xray
2. Papadopoulos – Xray
3. Konstatopoulos – Xray
4. Kalantzakis – Xray
5. Nerantzis – Xray

In the Pan Car category there was a nice fight between Papachristos and Nikolakopoulos, with the latter taking pole position. In leg 1 and after a tough race between them, Papachristos took the win with Nikolakopoulos having a problem and not finishing. In the remaining legs there were good fights between them and finally Nikolakopoulos finishished P1 overall, with Papachristos behind him and Kazoglou completing the podium.

Pan Car top 5 results:
1. Nikolakopoulos – Xray
2. Papachristos – Xray
3. Kazoglou – Xray
4. Papadopoulos – Xray
5. Zogogiannis – Xray

Nitro Stock was a one man show. Young gun Theodoropoulos took the pole position and was fast and consistent clearing the race. Behind him was another young gun, Kalantzakis in front of Kritikos who recovered from car reliability problems.

Nitro Stock top 3 results:
1. Theodoropoulos – Xray
2. Kalantzakis – Xray
3. Kritikos – Xray




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