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he LRP ZR.32 Spec.4 Pullstart is based upon the very popular ZR.32. In order to be able to again increase the enormous power of the .32 monster, we build in a completely new constructed carburettor that has an additional notch for improved adjustability and that provides an even more efficient fuel-air mixture.

This leads besides an improved idle speed setting, also to better responsiveness and more torque. The already known Heavy-Duty CoolDown- Max cylinder head provides sufficient cooling for this power unit.

  • MASSIVE Big Block size - You cannot replace displacement with anything… but even more displacement!
  • New CoolDownMax cylinder head - Improved cooling and higher efficiency through new cooling fin arrangement
  • XTEC PowerCarb3 15S-2 carburettor - Flow optimised carburettor with 9.0mm insert for maximum power and easy adjustability at the same time
  • Universal fit - Fits all major .21 engine mounts
  • 5 + 1 Ports
  • FREE PLUG - FREE LRP Platinum / Iridium R5 glow plug included
  • Standard burn room - Guarantees easy adjustment of the engine in all conditions
  • XTEC T6 engine housing - Especially reinforced heavy duty engine housing for toughest offroad action
  • Massive con rod - Extra reinforced con rod. Specially adjusted for .32 engines
  • Ultra strong pullstart - Pullstart specifically developed for big block engines
  • Power Start capable - Prepared for the use of the LRP Power Start for starting the engine at the push of one button
  • Torque you can barely handle
Cubic capacity .32 (5.24 ccm)
Bore  19.80mm
Hub  17.00mm
Power  4.37 HP*
RPM  33.300 RPM*
Number Channels  5 + 1
Glow Plug   LRP Standard R5 (No. 35051)
Carburetor   XTEC PowerCarb3 15S-2 with 9mm venturi
Weigh  420g
Class 1/8th Offroad Buggys/Truggys
*Figures may vary depending on used fuel, muffler and tuning