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The Baja 5R On-Road takes the HPI Baja concept to all-new places: right to the streets! With a lowered suspension designed purely for on-road action, the Baja 5R is the perfect way to enjoy large-scale fun while burning up the pavement! The iconic 1970 Ford Boss Mustang is the perfect fit for the rear-wheel drive large scale chassis, and the vintage 8-spoke wheels and Tarmac Buster tires are the ideal match for the Baja 5R's classic muscle car looks! The suspension and drivetrain is based on the extremely tough off-road Baja 5B race buggy, so you know the on-road version will be super-tough in any situation, plus it will be very easy to find spares and upgrades. The Fuelie 23cc engine will give the Baja 5R wheelspinning power and enough top speed to make your pulse race! The Baja 5R On-Road: Baja-tough tarmac performance!

The first thing to hit anyone who watches a radio-controlled car in action is how it looks - how realistic it is, how big it is and how it drives - and in the case of the Baja 5R, it quite simply looks amazing! Its size and speed, combined with the sound of the engine and exhaust smoke, all combine for an experience you must see for yourself. We've taken the classic muscle car styling of the 1970 Ford Boss Mustang and made it 1/5 scale - turning the Baja chassis into an amazing model almost 1 yard/meter long! Matched with satin chrome vintage-style wheels, the overall look is absolutely stunning - this really is a case of "the bigger, the better"!


Factory-assembled Ready-To-Run large scale gas-powered muscle car
Fitted with pre-painted officially licensed 1970 Ford Boss Mustang large scale body
Beadlock 8-spoke satin chrome wheels fitted with black heavy duty beadlock rims
Real rubber Tarmac Buster tires with retro styled tread pattern
Latest Heavy-Duty drivetrain option parts installed
2.4GHz FHSS radio system with failsafe
New 4mm aluminum monocoque chassis with zero kick-up for optimal on-road performance
Powerful 23cc gasoline 2-stroke engine
Torx T27 engine screws
700cc fuel tank provides 45 minutes of driving
High flow muffler
8,000 RPM performance clutch
VVC/HD externally adjustable shock absorbers
All-new front and rear lowered shock mounts
All-new lowered front and rear hub carriers
Extra-durable suspension derived from the Baja 5B, 5T and 5SC
Large dense foam bumper mounted to extra-thick bumper mount
All-new front, rear and side body mounts for enhanced body rigidity
Viscous torque differential
Enclosed radio box
External battery charging plug
Durable roll cage protects engine
Gunmetal anodizing for super-cool looks
Complete set of ball bearings
100cc of 2-stroke oil included for treating 1 gallon/5 liters of gasoline/petrol
6V 3000mAh receiver pack and universal, multi-region wall charger included
4 AA batteries for transmitter included

  • 1/5 ON-ROAD
Pre-Assembled 1/5th scale 2WD on-road with Fuelie 23cc gasoline engine,
2.4GHz FHSS radio system, 3000mAh receiver pack and painted body.
Includes comprehensive instruction manual.

Wheelbase - 570mm [ A ]
Length - 1040mm [ B ]
Height - 280mm [ C ]
Width - 510mm
Weight - 12.6kg (without fuel)

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