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Are you looking to step up from entry-level buggies like the HPI Brama 10B, but don't know where to look? Have you been thinking about racing in off-road electric classes and don't want to spend a fortune, but you don't need the latest bright and shiny Worlds-spec racer? If you answered 'yes' to either of these questions, the HPI Cyber 10B is the kit for you! The Cyber 10B is an all-new chassis that combines proven racing performance with a low kit price. You get the know-how of decades of racing experience from the Hot Bodies racing team, proven World Championship racing design from the Hot Bodies D4 and loads of off-road fun in a convenient build-it-yourself kit at a price much lower than any top racing kit!

If you've already had a play with the HPI Brama 10B or other RTR beginner kits designed for off-road bashing, you know how much fun blasting through puddles, mud and leaves can be. The Cyber 10B is totally ready to take on the roughest obstacle course and keep coming back for more dirt action! With its full-time 4WD power, fully sealed shaft drive and long suspension arms, the Cyber 10B can take on the worst conditions you can find, whether it's your back garden, an open field or even a local RC racing track - it's ready for anything! Because the Brama uses standard RC components such as motor, speedo, battery and radio, you can even install the electronics from a Brama right in the Cyber 10B...and when you're ready for more speed, it's easy to drop in a faster motor, more powerful speedo or longer-life batteries including the latest brushless technology for the ultimate power!

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World-Class Suspension Design

The Cyber 10B is more than just 'inspired' by the IFMAR Worlds A Finalist Hot Bodies D4 - it uses many of the same parts and fits several of the standard D4 parts! What this means is that the Cyber 10B gives you top-level racing performance at a great price. From shop to track, you can be racing for a fraction of the cost of many of today's racing buggies!

Composite Shocks

The Cyber 10B is equipped with composite shocks that are exact replicas of the shocks that equip the Hot Bodies D4 - they're just made in precisely moulded plastic instead of more costly aluminium. They are perfectly suited for the job and work just as well as the aluminium version, they're just not as flashy! With a threaded body you can quickly adjust the ride height front and rear, and even set your tweak for racing! The shocks on the Cyber 10B are a bottom-cartidge style, designed just like more expensive racing shocks and are ready to take to any track in the world.

Arms & Hubs from the D4

As you assemble the Cyber 10B, you may notice that many of the parts look similar to the Worlds A Finalist D4 racing buggy - that's because the Cyber 10B uses many of the same suspension parts as the D4 right out of the box! The long suspension arms and steering knuckles are taken straight off the D4 and used on the Cyber in combination with similar suspension geometry, making this a fantastic race car!

Stainless Steel Hinge Pins

With a full complement of stainless steel suspension pins, the Cyber 10B is durable enough to take on big-air jumps, track barriers and the rigors of hardcore racing right away. The inner hinge pins are held in place by individual suspension mounts attached to the chassis, not the gearboxes. This keeps the suspension doing its job properly, and makes replacing any parts a simple process. There are also no e-clips used anywhere in the suspension!

Wide Range of Adjustments

The suspension of the Cyber 10B allows you to make nearly any adjustment you need to get it dialled in to any surface. Durable steel turnbuckles are easily adjusted to change front and rear camber and front toe settings, and a selection of camber link locations let you alter roll centre for minute but important race tuning options! Multiple shock locations allow you to make big adjustments to the car, with 3 upper and 2 lower mount locations at both the front and rear. The composite shocks will also fit the full range of Hot Bodies D4 option springs!

Bellcrank Steering

Taken directly from the Hot Bodies D4, the ultra-smooth steering features a super-strong bellcrank design with an adjustable cam-style, spring-loaded servo saver. Ackerman settings can be easily changed if you desire, but the steering is set up out of the box to be perfectly suited for most drivers on nearly any track. The steering arms turn on ball bearings for the ultimate in smoothness.

Extra-Tough Drivetrain

The Cyber 10B features a full-time 4WD shaft drivetrain - the racing standard for the top level of electric off-road racing. From the fully sealed spur & pinion gear to the ball diffs and steel axles, you can be sure the Cyber 10B is up for racing action with powerful motors and plenty of juice! Read on to find out more about this amazing spec buggy!

Secure Motor Mount

The story of the drivetrain starts with the extremely strong and rugged motor mount. Made from three pieces of tough cast aluminium, the motor mount consists of an eccentric cam that is bolted to the motor, then an upper & lower mount that the cam rotates within. Loosening the upper mount lets you rotate the motor to get precise alignment and gear mesh for a truly smooth and efficient drivetrain.

Totally Sealed Shaft Drivetrain

To protect the drivetrain from rocks, dirt and other objects found in the back gardens and race tracks where it will be run, the Cyber 10B uses a shaft drivetrain to deliver power from the motor to the wheels. Shaft drive is a highly efficient and secure method of getting power where it's needed, and to make sure the power always goes where it's needed, HPI designers have fully enclosed every element of the drivetrain. Right next to the aluminium motor mount is a translucent gear cover that you can easily detach to observe the gear alignment - snap it back on and the spur and pinion gears are sealed away from the elements!

The central spur gear assembly sends the power to the centre driveshafts, which spin precisely aligned bevel gears inside enclosed gearboxes front and rear. From start to finish, there's no way to get damaging sand, pebbles or anything else into the drivetrain, which means less gear replacement and more time spent on the track!

Complete Set of Ball Bearings

Everything on the Cyber 10B, from the spur gear to the wheel axles, spins on highly efficient ball bearings. This provides the most top speed and longest runtime possible from the equipment you install, making sure you get the most out of your motor and battery!

Front/Rear Ball Differentials

Really upping the stakes for anyone interested in possibly racing their Cyber 10B are a pair of ball differentials, which provide limited-slip mechanics for super-smooth cornering action! The ball diffs are independently adjustable to fine-tune the handling in the curves, and are fully rebuildable for racing maintenance.

Unique Battery Fit

The Cyber 10B has drivetrain routing over the battery - the rear diff input shaft is angled up to allow the rear centre driveshaft to travel just over the battery. This allows the fitting of several different types of batteries: stick, side-by-side and even hard-case Li-Po! Batteries are held in place with a secure plastic strap and two height-adjustable body clips. There's even wire routing options for the different battery types, whether you are using stick packs with wires that come out the end of the pack, or Li-Po packs that use fitted plugs!

Variety of Drivetrain Options

There are already several Hot Bodies D4 options available that will fit right into the Cyber 10B to make it ideal for racing, including the adjustable slipper clutch that acts like a traction control system, universal dogbones that increase efficiency, and a front one-way that gives you loads of extra steering. These will fit right in to speed up the Cyber 10B!

Steel Dogbones & Outdrives

To keep the Cyber 10B running strong, it's fully equipped with strong steel dogbones and diff outdrives, making it durable enough to take the toughest punishment on the track, or anywhere you plan to run it!

Fits Standard Electronics

Plug in any Standard Electronics!

The Cyber 10B can take any standard RC electronics, including Li-Po battery packs and brushless motors! Standard stick packs will fit the chassis as well, as well as standard brushed motors, so you can find a huge variety of great power units to give your Cyber 10B the grunt it needs! You can also fit any of today's electronic speed controllers and receivers, as well as any standard 1/10th scale steering servo, whether it's the normal long length or the newer short style.

If you're moving to the Cyber 10B from the HPI Brama RTR 4WD buggy, all of the Brama electronics will drop right in, saving you plenty! Then, when you're ready to upgrade it's an easy job!

Ready-To-Race Options

Add Upgrades as You Build!

Because the Cyber 10B is a build-it-yourself kit, you can leave it stock until you're ready to add racing upgrades, or you can add the options as you build the kit - it's your choice! Many of the standard parts from the Hot Bodies D4 will bolt right on to give you additional tuning and durability, including the swaybars, shocks, universals, front one-way, adjustable slipper and wheels. Adding the aluminium-body threaded shocks increase the crash resistance of the Cyber 10B and increase the tuning potential if you're a racer - plus they look amazing!

Any brand of 4WD front and 2WD/4WD rear wheels will fit, which means any 4WD buggy tyres will fit also, giving you a massive selection of tyres to perfect the grip for any type of terrain you want to race or have fun on.