IRON 1/10 Truck 190mm body

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The IRON project has been made with the collaboration of expert industrial designer, it took several months to develop a product that can combine at best a stunning look and best performance at same time.

The Art of Making

The IRON project represents the highest level in the RC industry in terms of research, development and engineering. We haven't set any limit and with the help of expert team of engineers we have developed a brand new product that features amazing details in terms aesthetic and aerodynamic.

A parternship with Italian leading CNC factory allowed to obtain the maximum level of precision and quality possible today; we are proud supporters of the real Made in Italy based on the creation, passion and pure innovation.

Developed for maximum performance

The design of the IRON body shell represents the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance, it took several months to optimize every detail in the smallest particular.

The result is a 190mm Truck body shell with an amazing look, every detail has been treated manically in order to create a product that not only can leave you speechless each time you use it but that could combine not only the aesthetics but also even the pure performance, for this reason the center of gravity has been lowered as much as possible to optimize the performance of the model.


Fits to:
  • SPRINT 2
  • T3 - 2011
  • T3 - 2012
  • T3 - EU - 2010
  • T3 - US - 2010
  • T4 - 2013
  • T4 - 2014
  • T4 - 2015
  • T4 - 2016
  • T4 - 2017
  • T4 - 2018
  • T4-2019
  • XRAY T4
  • 1/10 ON-ROAD